Coming to Steam in September 2016

Spellbound is a virtual reality game where you can be a wizard and throw fireballs at zombies! At least, that's what it appears to be at first glance to the uninitiated eye but there's much more lingering below the surface, waiting for you to discover it. Spellbound is intended to be a rich story telling platform where players get to select a fable and become the active protagonist in the story. Each story is a creative exploration into a particular topic / theme designed to explore and discover the capabilities of virtual reality.

The Red Wizards Tale: The first story is a three part tale about a red wizard who has suffered from a lifetime of loneliness after being chased away from his home village by villagers scared of his magical abilities. He grew up in a hidden tower deep in the dark forests, never meeting another person, always fearful of his own magical abilities. One day, he meets a strange crow on a tree which somehow knows how to speak. They become friends and the crow becomes his mentor on all magical things. What the wizard doesn't know is that this crow isn't just any old run of the mill talking bird, it's... possessed by a demon bent on destroying the living world. This story is an excuse to explore what its like to have what appears to be an intelligent, talking bird on your shoulder which responds to your interactions with it. But casting spells is a load of fun too.

The Sorceress of Light: The second story is also a three part tale about a young sorceress who has risen to prominence in the kingdom by becoming the kings counsel. Reknowned for her kindness, compassion and wisdom, she has been designated by the king to become an ambassador to a newly discovered kingdom of fairies. Fairies have always been deeply distrustful of other races and will put her to the test. This is a story of non-violence, romance, unicorn riding, and solving problems through diplomacy and wit. When it comes to VR, this story will be an indepth exploration into intimacy and romance within VR and our response to proximity to characters in VR. What does it feel like to get a virtual hug within virtual reality? How do we experience a great date as a woman? How do you ride a horse in VR?

The Necromancers Folly: You are a middle aged man who has spent his life trying to save his dying wife from the precipice of death. Death is eternal, you see, and this man was able to preserve his wifes body in a spell of timeless stasis a single breath away from death. This bought him time to find a way to cure the fatal disease wracking her frail body. Seven long years later, he discovers a black book, long forgotten by time, filled with all sorts of black magics which should have remained buried and forgotten. In an act of desperation, he tries a mysterious spell promising eternal life. The spell works! But, there's a catch (as always!) -- the person isn't really alive or dead, but somewhere in between. In order for them to preserve their life and sense of humanity, they must feed on the life force of the living. This becomes a gradual slide into unspeakable acts. This story becomes a philosophical exploration into the nature of evil itself and our relationship to it.

Plight of the Druid: You're a druid who is at one with nature. You don't just live in the forest, you live in the trees. You can phase through tree trunks, and teleport between groves of trees. The trees answer your call when you ask for a bow and arrows. Your foe? The encroachement of human civilization and its destructive nature... or is it? Can humanity coexist peacefully with nature, or does the survival of one necessitate the destruction of the other? Philosopically, this explores ecological destruction and preservation and humanities relationship with nature and himself (or something to that effect).

Spellbound is an indie game which has been actively developed by Eric Nevala and Dan Lane. We owe a great deal of thanks and gratitude to numerous people and companies, including Peter Severud, Mike Stortz, Ryan Smith, Valve, HTC, Epic Games, and the Seattle VR community, and many people who aren't mentioned. This game has been in production for 1.5 years and has been fueled by raw passion, long days, working weekends, and personal sacrifice.