Now Available on Steam

Become a wizard in virtual reality and discover magic and defend humanity from the undead and a demonic invasion! Spellbound is a collection of fables in a fantasy realm of magic, mystery, drama, and conflict. Do you become a powerful ally of good and refuge for the desperate, or do you take the easy road and align with evil?

Spellbound is an innovative virtual reality game which pushes the latest VR hardware technologies to their limits in order to bring to you the most immersive VR experience possible. Our locomotion system features walking and running using your hands, lets you duck and dodge around obstacles and projectiles, supports 360 degree room scale movement, and we are currently working hard to bring additional hardware support for more VR platforms and accessories. Spellbound is an "Early Access" title which means we are continuously working to improve and refine the existing tech and content while also adding in more content and capabilities. Our goal with Spellbound is to create a high quality, highly polished VR experience and make casting magic and avoiding monsters feel perfect.

Currently, we support the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift + Touch controllers. We are actively working to bring in support for Leap Motion and the haptic Hardlight suit by Nullspace.